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sing it!

Oh boy! What a beautiful weather,
the sun is shining today.


No heavy clothes are needed, and I like that.
So up and jump, there is sun today
and sucha day, one can not soak.
No, leave that and hang out with me
The summer time is coming, now winter is ended.


Here the garden path, the road goes into an adventure.
Yes, think anyway that you can be so happy
of the flowers and green leaves.
And the child in you comes home again
to forgotten dreams and the summer.


Thousand million hugs I want to give you.
Yes, imagine that it could huh 'so easy sometimes.
As simple as reaching out a hand,
and dry gravel of a child-cheek,
and feel the warmth of a summer breeze.


It's a gift from above to live today.
so wonder why I'm happy?
The sun is shining after all, and you're here,
and the earth spins in its celestial swear.
And actually when you feel this way,
the world is close to paradise.